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old stuff an new stuff.

2009-03-05 16:49:22 by TJTheChill

I just want to say that al my old not as good stuff is marked wth these { }. Memories in th rain is my only exception to that.its one of my greatest compositions.
Also be sure to check out my top scoring stuff such as:

"The Music is Moving"
"Child of Destiny"
"When a Rose Pedal Falls"
"Follow Me"

Some time soon i'll also hav to finish remakin "Starlit Night"


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2009-03-05 22:20:44

Yay musicz. I plan on listening to your songs lol. thanks for listening to mine.
Good luck with one song you trying to make

TJTheChill responds:

Thanks for be interested. Im pretty sure this is the first time sumone commented on my posts.

Thanks again,