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2009-04-22 18:55:24 by TJTheChill

I have made 50 submissions to NG now and i'd like to say a couple things.

Ive come a long way since Cruzin', my first submission, a general rock piece. I use a better mic now, and i use a better software. Ive also become a better guitar player though i still woudnt call myself great. Ive come to get a better understanding of music and mixing music.
I also began to make electronic creations. I will confess that in the beginning i cheated a little by not using my own loops, but as ive said ive come a long way since then. My music is all original and my creation.
So go listen to my music submissions such as:
Child of Destiny( my top scoring song ), Cruzin' ( my first submission ), Memories in the Rain (My top scoring recorded song, my #5), and Wild Flower (my latest submission, my 50th submission, and my favorite rock creation).


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